Wastewater pumps

Wastewater pumps are used for transport of heavily contaminated water which often contains solid particles. They are used in sewage treatment, industrial wastewater, flood control, dewatering and municipal wastewater disposal

GB Series

CRI Fluids offers GB Series wastewater pumps that facilitate large free passage. Some of the ranges have a thermal protection and moisture sensor. They are most suitable for pumping sewage water, civil waste and industrial waste water containing solids and viscous materials, heavy muds, raw or fermented sludge

GT Series

GT Series wastewater pumps from CRI Fluids have a stainless cutter and minimizes the risk of clogging. They can be used for pumping sewage liquids with suspended solids in textile and food industry and in hospitals and commercial buildings.

MS and MP Series

MS and MP Series from CRI Fluids are designed to handle waste water from residential and small commercial buildings. They can also be used in pumping sewage water from stock farm and manhole sewer.

SL Series

SL Series are Light wastewater pumps. They are designed for pumping waste water from residential and small commercial buildings

ECN Series

CRI Fluids offers ECN Series that are non clog self-priming pumps. They are designed to handle raw water, muddy water, sewage and liquid with semi solids