A solar water pump is powered by solar modules that help draw surface or groundwater out for irrigation. Solar pump irrigation produces no emissions, generates no noise, and is more reliable than other means of power while being significantly cheaper and cleaner. Large volumes of water can be handled by a variety of pump sizes and vertical lifts for large scale irrigation. Solar pumps are ideal for daytime watering. Solar pumps are equipped with advanced remote monitoring technology, they require less maintenance. A lightning arrestor and a ground earthing kit are other accessories to the solar pumping system. Application of solar pumps are deep irrigation,sprinkler systems, fountains and so on.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does solar pumping system include?

A solar water pump system consists of a solar PV panel, a motor pump set with a photovoltaic array, solar batteries, solar pump controller and pipes.

Is solar pumping expensive than traditional pumping system?

The initial cost may be higher, but considering the cost of ownership that includes operation and maintenance, solar pumps have the advantage.