Engineered pumps are designed for applications such as watering as well as dewatering. They are made to handle large amounts of water. Engineered pumps are robust and can handle different types of liquid for various applications in industries

Vertical Turbine Pump- VTP Series CRI Fluids offers VTP series, vertical turbine pumps that come with different material options, and hydraulic ranges. These pumps are designed to be installed in both wet and dry pits. These pumps can be used in varied applications from raw water intake and supply to refinery and fire fighting.

Vertical Sump Pumps Vertical Sump Pumps are end suction pumps that are compact and have a space-saving construction. They are specifically designed to meet certain length and application requirements

Dewatering Pump- WD Series WD series skid-mounted well point and general-purpose dewatering pumps are designed to handle raw water, muddy water, sewage, and liquid with semi-solids.