A split casing pump is a type of pump whereby the casing is split either vertically or horizontally to allow easy access to internal pump parts for maintenance.In these pumps, the impeller has bearings on both sides, so they are between-the-bearing pumps. Thus, split pumps are more efficient than frame-mounted pumps because the impeller is more planted under stress.

Horizontal split case pumps are most common and are highly efficient. They are also stable at variable speeds and can operate in a variety of suction orientations due to their between-the-bearings design.

Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between end suction pump and split case pump?

Horizontal split case pumps are double suction pumps and can handle large amount of water.End suction pumps are single suction pumps. Split case pumps are comparatively more durable and easy to maintain when compared to split case pump.

What are the benefits of split case pump?

Features like in-between-bearing designs of the split case pumps enable them to keep on working for longer periods without needing frequent maintenance.