Vertical turbine pumps are single stage or multistage in construction and submerged Impellers allow the pump to be started without need of priming. The transmission shaft in the column pipes are supported with line shaft bearing with self or external cooling method. These pumps can be installed in wet or dry pit arrangements. VT pumps are designed to operate without being affected by large fluctuations of the water level. The main application of these pumps are used for cooling water circulation, water supply, irrigation, flood control, firefighting etc.
StandardManufacturer Standard
Head upto 200m
Maximum Flowupto 10000m³/h
Speed960/1450/2900 RPM
Impeller TypeEnclosed Impeller
Outlet Size upto 900mm
Power upto 2100kW
Liquid Temperature upto 90°C
Max Solid SizeNot applicable
Shaft Seal Gland Packing, Mechanical Seal
Material of Construction (MOC)CI, Bronze, Stainless steel, Alloy steel
Bearing LubricationSelf, External Lubrication
Flange StandardDIN / ANSI
Maximum working Pressureupto 25bar
  • High Operating Efficiency
  • Dynamically balanced Rotating Parts.
  • Lower operating cost Customized material options Easy serviceability
  • Designed to meet Specific lengths & application Requirement.
  • Water Supply
  • irrigation
  • Fire Fighting
  • Water Treatment plants
  • Flood Control
  • Intake water and supply Cooling Water circulation
  • Refinery

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